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Tavi-logo-2014-Word-pngWelcome to the Tavistock Beekeepers’ website!

The Tavistock Beekeepers Association is one of eleven branches of the Devon Beekeepers’ Association (DBKA), founded in 1875. This, in turn, is part of the national British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA).  Our association comprises people of all ages, and all stages of beekeeping, from beginners to seasoned beekeepers with many years experience.

We aim to provide information and support for anyone who has an interest in the honey bee, whether or not they want to become beekeepers, so please take a look at the site and explore the links to other sites of interest, if you have any suggestions for content please get in touch via the website contents page HERE

We are committed to improving the standard of beekeeping for all our members, either formally via the BBKA examination system, or informally, through talks, lectures and demonstrations.

We also collaborate with other bee-related organisations such as the Devon Apicultural Research Group (DARG), the Food, Environment and Research Agency (FERA) and the National Bee Unit (NBU).

Our year is split into two halves: the spring/summer programme runs from April to September and involves practical activities undertaken in the apiaries of our members, and our Autumn/Winter programme which runs from October to March.

We hold monthy meetings in our winter programme with talks from some well-known speakers and leaders in their field, covering many topics including bee diseases, current research and practical tips.  We try to be a lively and inclusive association of interested minds, please check our events calendar for our meeting schedule.

We usually meet in the winter at Tavistock Parish Rooms, (see map below for details) but please contact Tavistock Beekeepers Winter Meeting Organiser: Greg Smith  (Tel: 01822-616098  e-mail:glsmith_40@hotmail.co.uk) with any enquiries about meeting details. – WebBee

Devon County Show
Tavistock members take part in the Devon County Show as stewards, exhibitors and competitors for one of the many awards which it is possible to win, either as a branch, or as an individual. The Devon Beekeepers Association provides an exhibit every year which is a great showcase for Beekeeping.

If you would like to contact us please use the contact details here on the contacts page , if you would like to join Tavistock beekeepers either as a full member or associate member; please complete the membership form on the membership page here

Please contact us about Training or other things, any Bee swarm Issues, please see the Tavistock Beekeepers Swam page! HERE


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Contact details

If you would like to contact Tavistock Beekeepers please use the contact form below, or contact one the current officers of the Tavistock Branch of the Devon Beekeepers via the tavistockbee@gmail.com e-mail address. We have had to truncate our contact details due to some recent scam activity on our website.(sorry) – WebBee Please remember Tavistock …

Tavistock Newsletters

Tavistock Beekeepers publishes a newsletter with information on bee related matters; you can view and download the current and previous newsletters by following the link HERE . If you have any items for inclusion please contact the Newsletter Editor Colin Trier colin@trier.org.uk – WebBee Here is an example newsletter to view, Enjoy! Please click here to download the …

Directions Page

Our directions page is simple to use, click on the red pin and then the blue “directions” text; a small box will open below your map. Enter your starting point and click the blue “get directions” Button. Your route will appear magically! (you can print it out if you need to) – WebBee Tavistock Parish Rooms …


The Tavistock beekeepers host many events during the beekeeping year. In the winter there are interesting meetings (all held in the St.Eustacius Parish rooms, 5A Plymouth Rd, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8AU) with speakers on bee-related subjects, and discussions and talks on practical subjects associated with beekeeping. During the summer different members host bring-and-share”Bee Teas” and visits …

Bee Teas

Hello Beekeepers; “Bee Teas” are a chance to meet other beekeepers over tea and cake, and talk about bees; they are usually held at a members apiary, and this gives you the opportunity to help improve your beekeeping. It is usually an excellent chance to meet fellow beekeepers and to help find answers to the …

AHAT – Is not something to put on your head!

“Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHAT’s) are being set up by beekeepers to assist in the early identification and control of any Asian hornet Incursions into the U.K and as the next incursion could literally turn up anywhere, beekeepers everywhere are advised to use this time to prepare themselves. The aim is fighting the establishment of Asian Hornets, …

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Devon Beekeepers Asian Hornet Information

Hello beekeepers! Here is an update to some information on the planned Devon beekeepers response to any Asian Hornet sightings, located on the Devon beekeepers website. HERE There is now a Devon based Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT) and they have a website which will post the latest information on any Asian Hornet sightings HERE …

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Swarm lists and Contact Information!

Hello Beekeepers, the BBKA swarm list is maintained by the BBKA as a contact point for the general public for helping when honeybees swarm. This years changes to the BBKA swarm pages on the website have received some adverse comments, which will be passed back to the BBKA. The Tavistock Beekeepers Swarm Liaison details remain …

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Training update

Hello Beekeepers! Well the Beekeeping year has started and there is lots to do in the Apiary! This year why not try and learn some more about your Bees (?) with the BBKA training modules that can be taken in any order; over what ever time you have available. The BBKA website is being re-done …

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