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The National Hive Count 2021

Please Note: The Hive Count runs annually from 1st November – 31st December; the links below are only active during a live hive count period.

The National Bee Unit needs YOU to update your records!

The National Bee Unit and and the Scottish Bee Health Team are again asking beekeepers to take part in the National Hive Count and update BeeBase with their colony numbers. Over 10,000 beekeepers completed the Hive Count in 2020!! This information is vital for our planning and preparation for outbreaks of disease or exotic pests. It is very important, for example, that we do all we can to keep levels of foulbrood to a minimum. Knowing the number and location of beekeepers, hives and apiaries helps to inform where Bee Inspectors should be deployed. This applies in relation to familiar pests and diseases and to more recent threats such as the damaging invasive species Asian hornet (Vespa velutina).

We will also use the figures we have on BeeBase to monitor honey bee populations over time. Having up to date records that reflect the current position in each year is vital and allows us to monitor changes over time. For this, it is important we ask all beekeepers to notify us of the number of hives they owned on 1st November 2021. Using this date helps us to ensure consistency across the country by reflecting the national position at a single point in time. If you had no colonies at that date, it is important to update your BeeBase record to confirm this. Please provide this information by 31st December 2021. 


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