Currently there are seven written modules within the BBKA examinations framework that candidates need to complete to be awarded the Advanced Theory Certificate. Modules can be taken in any order, apart from Module 8; that needs to be completed last. Module 8 is designed to be the last, as this is the synoptic module and it also covers beekeeping in general and honey bee colony management. Over the last few years, it was felt that the content of Module 8 has drifted away from been a synoptic module and so, in 2021, the Examinations Board introduced changes to all modules to give Module 8 a more synoptic function. The result was that the individual history topics within Module 8 were taken out and spread over the rest of the modules in their relevant areas.

Having introduced the change in November 2021, the Examinations Board received a lot of feedback, both from candidates and those involved in teaching, suggesting that all modules have now become too history focused. This was particularly true for Module 1; that is generally the first taken by those embarking on their learning journey.

As a result of the feedback, the Examinations Board has reviewed again all module syllabi and has made further adjustments to moderate down the history element across our modules portfolio. The updated module syllabi are now available on the BBKA website and will take effect as of March 2023. The module exams on 12 November 2022 will still be to the current syllabi. In 2022 therefore, both current and updated module syllabi will be available and candidates need to ensure they study to the syllabi relevant to the year they are looking to take the exams in.

The BBKA Education and Husbandry Committee will be aligning the Correspondence Course materials to the updated syllabi and both Correspondence Course tutors and the Correspondence Course students have been made aware of these changes.

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Marin Anastasov, Master Beekeeper, NDB, 

Chair of the BBKA Examinations Board

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