BBKA News Editor Vacancy

The BBKA is seeking a new editor for BBKA News. After doing a superb job for thirty years as our editor, Sharon Blake has decided to pass the magazine on to someone else. Interested applicants should be confident that they can fulfil the editor’s role and responsibilities and then submit a curriculum

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BBKA module exam syllabi for 2023

Currently there are seven written modules within the BBKA examinations framework that candidates need to complete to be awarded the Advanced Theory Certificate. Modules can be taken in any order, apart from Module 8; that needs to be completed last. Module 8 is designed to be the last, as this

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A confirmed finding of a single Asian hornet in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

The National Bee Unit is carrying out enhanced monitoring and awareness raisingtogether with local beekeepers after a single insect, confirmed to be Vespa velutina was killed at a sentinel apiary, reported by a beekeeper.Further information regarding the yellow legged Asian hornet can be found on Defra’s Asian Hornet sightings page

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