1. In accordance with the DBKA Governing Document, Branch Honorary Membership is awarded by election at the Branch AGM.
  2. A Citation for the Nominee should be sent to the Branch Chairman or Secretary by no later than 30 September of the year of the AGM.
  3. To qualify the Nominee must have given exceptional service to the Branch and beekeeping and this must be reflected in the Citation put forward.
  4. The Citation will be discussed at Committee level to agree that the criteria have been filled. The successful nomination shall remain confidential and not made public until nomination at AGM.
  5. If successful the award shall be made for 3 Years commencing the next Year of membership. It will be awarded at the same level of membership they currently hold. Any additional BDI will need to be paid by the member. If they have already renewed they will be refunded the membership cost (except extra BDI)
  6. Should the situation arise where this is no longer affordable, it will be reviewed by Committee.