BBKA Third Party liability
Your membership fee covers you for third party claims up to £10,000,000 provided you can prove that your beekeeping practices are not cavalier or negligent.  It is therefore sensible to prove a basic level of competence by obtaining your Basic level assessment via the  BBKA examinations system.

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Bee Disease Insurance
Bee disease insurance is not part of your third party insurance cover and is administered by BDI Ltd. (Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd) Your basic club membership via BBKA does, however, include cover for bee disease in up to three colonies if the disease results in destruction of your equipment and loss of honey. Extra cover for more colonies can be obtained by paying more pro rata.  See page 3 of our membership form guidance notes for pro rata rates.

Click here for advice prepared by Danny Spence, on what is actually covered by your BDI insurance.

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