The videos listed below are just a few of those our members consider worth watching.  There are many more listed on the National Honey Show website

Bee hunting with Prof. Tom Seeley
(see video below)

Hiving a swarm – courtesy of Susanne Devon
(See video below)

Instrumental insemination with Prof. Sue Cobey
(See video below)

Hear a queen piping
Courtesy of Susanne Devon

Remarkable aerial footage of a queen being mated in flight – winning film in Toronto Film festival 2012
(See video below)


Tavistock member Bill Pyle notes that an aged queen (yellow spot) can have lost a wing and even a rear leg yet continue to lay eggs until a new queen is reared to take her place.  This queen is being superseded (green spot).
(See video below)

Truly amazing video of development of worker bee from egg to adult.
See below and click on the link to view.

Professor Tom Seeley has kindly released three lectures (in video form) that he was  due to give at the Spring Convention.  The lectures are entitled: 1. How one finds wild colonies of honey bees; 2. What we know about the lives of wild colonies, and; 3. How we can use this information, by practicing Darwinian Beekeeping.
They can be viewed by clicking here